About Me

Growing up I’ve always had a love for nature. Living in Canada wildlife surrounded me on the daily. At a young age I started projecting my love for wildlife through art. Primarily I worked with pencils and then made the transmission to paint which has now become my main medium. After graduating high school in 2012 I stopped creating art to focus on my education. I graduated with a bachelors in Nursing and began working as a nurse. As the years went by, I missed drawing and painting wildlife. At the end of 2018 I decided to get back into it and fell in love with art all over again. I now work as a part time nurse and part time artist. Being self-taught I always improve my skills with new techniques and tools. Every piece of art is an improvement from the last. I have always been drawn to realism. It amazes me when I see art so realistic as if it could be a photograph. It brings so much life to a space. To be able to create my art I collaborate with wildlife photographers. In order for it to be as realistic as possible I use their photographs as reference. Through my art I want to convey the beauty of wildlife and bring life to your homes.


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